In the spirit of trying to help School Facility Directors and Administrators navigate through a sea of air purifying products, I’d like to address the following statement taken from a white paper from Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health’s Center for Health Security, May 2021:

“School systems should not use unproven technologies such as ozone generators, ionization, plasma, and air disinfection with chemical foggers and sprays. The effect of these cleaning methods on children has not been tested and may be detrimental to their health. The primary aim for improving air quality should be to remove contaminants and impurities from the air and not to introduce new substances into the air.”

We could all agree ozone generators, chemical foggers and many sprays (ie ammonia based) can be harmful to children’s health.

When we start referencing ionization and plasma, both being ion generators, we need to be careful as to what exactly these experts are referring to with regards to potentially harming a child’s health. They are NOT referencing the actual ions being generated, rather they are referencing the potential bi-products that these ionizers may be producing in addition to the ions. The potentially negative bi-products are considered Volatile Organic Compounds or VOCs.

With this understanding, a patented technology is patented because it truly has a different way of achieving something- otherwise it would not be patentable.

AtmosAir’s patented ionization technology actually reduces VOCs as proven in test after test including the attached. It is both the safest and the most effective active air purifying technology on the market because of its ability to safely generate millions of healthy ions that inactivate ANY virus, kills mold, bacteria and… reduces VOCs.

One last note, being that the statement above is from the Johns Hopkins Bloomberg School of Public Health, take a wild guess as to what active technology has been running in both Johns Hopkins and Bloomberg buildings worldwide for years…

Understanding what IAQ Experts are recommending