CleanSmart products are made with Hypochlorous, a substance the human body produces to kill germs, protect, and heal itself.

Hypochlorous Fast Facts:

  • Hypochlorous is naturally produced in the white blood cells of all mammals. Since it is endogenous, it causes no harm, neither tissue damage nor skin irritation.
    The white blood cells make it as needed to kill pathogens, including viruses, bacteria and fungus.
  • Hypochlorous chemistry is used in many ways: for eye infections, to kill germs in neo-natal hospital wards with preemie babies, for eczema, to cleanse Stage IV diabetic ulcer, and to kill bacteria on produce in grocery stores through produce misters.
  • Hypochlorous has been used in the medical field for years, and has many studies supporting positive results across numerous treatments and therapies.
  • Hypochlorous chemistry is approved for use by both large governing bodies: the EPA for surface disinfecting and the FDA for use on skin. In Europe it’s approved through the EU Biocide and CE Mark.
  • Hypochlorous is even used to extend the life of fresh flowers, to eliminate germs on fresh eggs and even used to help rice plants grow faster.

Hypochlorous is Nature’s Perfect Germ KillerHypochlorous is Nature’s Perfect Germ Killer

The diagram to the left shows the way Hypochlorous is produced in the human body and how it kills pathogens.

  1. Pathogens invade the body by entering the skin through a wound site.
  2. Neutrophils (a type of white blood cell) come to the invaders and surround one.
  3. After surrounding, the neutrophil produces Hypochlorous Acid to kill it.

CleanSmart products work by following the same process.