The number of people that have COVID may increase here and there, but hospitalizations have not. It looks as though the variants are not as life threatening as the original virus.

Why should we care about indoor air quality?

Classroom Indoor Air QualityThe question is, why should we NOT care about indoor air quality?

Students spend 8+ hours per day in our schools. Students get sick all the time with a cold or flu. Students have asthma. Students have allergies. And whether we like to believe it or not, there will be other viruses that will eventually make their way to us again.

What we can do is make smart decisions and invest in proactive technologies that work. Technologies that don’t just reduce potential airborne pathogens, but products that also take harmful particles out of the air, break down VOCs, and have the ability to reduce our energy consumption. We should use 3rd party engineers to test the actual safety and performance of a product we’d like to use. Everyone’s lab tests look amazing, but we need real performing technologies to put ourselves in the safest possible breathing conditions that are not going to crush our budgets. I’ve seen too many “pie in the sky” technologies that could work on Mars. We need practical solutions that work in our classrooms, in the cafeterias and gyms where our students play.