People Screening – Early Detection, Less Infection.

Understand who is sick, reduce the possibility of mass infection, and detect key vitals with SymptomSense. Bring safety and confidence back.

  • Help minimize the spread of infections.
  • Inspire confidence.

The capability to screen people better to make sure they are healthy before entering into a school building or any facility makes an enormous difference in many areas. There would be less sick people in a facility, less transmission of viruses and ultimately better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). It will also increase attendance, learning and productivity. According to General PK Carlton, Jr., MD, FACS – Former Surgeon General USAF, Ret., temperature only checks leave up to an 88% chance of missing a COVID19 infected person.

SymtpmSense™ Check is able to detect if someone is not well with 94% accuracy. The App uses patented AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to convert sound (users cough) into biometrics to determine the level of the user’s wellness. If the user is well a QR code is generated and the App will show that the test was passed. This application is perfect for a school’s students and staff to pre-screen themselves at home. Read more…

ESSER Funding Available

In addition to the importance of people screening with the best and easiest technolgy, schools are usually eligible to use their ESSER Funds to pay for it! Please click here to find your school.

Other excellent screening options available:

Student Health Pass – allows schools to maintain a safer environment. This app allows students/staff to do their screening at home and submit their information verifying that they have clearance to enter the school for the day. Read more…

SymptomSense™ Gateway and Kiosk check for body temperature, oxygen level, respiratory (Gateway only), and heart rates – at hospital-grade accuracy.

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