People Screening – Early Detection, Less Infection.

Understand who is sick, reduce the possibility of mass infection, and detect key vitals with SymptomSense. Bring safety and confidence back.

  • Help minimize the spread of infections.
  • Inspire confidence.

The capability to screen people better to make sure they are healthy before entering into a school building or any facility makes an enormous difference in many areas. There would be less sick people in a facility, less transmission of viruses and ultimately better Indoor Air Quality (IAQ). It will also increase attendance, learning and productivity. According to General PK Carlton, Jr., MD, FACS – Former Surgeon General USAF, Ret., temperature only checks leave up to an 88% chance of missing a COVID19 infected person.

SymtpmSense™ Check is able to detect if someone is not well with 94% accuracy. The App uses patented AI (Artificial Intelligence) technology to convert sound (users cough) into biometrics to determine the level of the user’s wellness. If the user is well a QR code is generated and the App will show that the test was passed. This application is perfect for a school’s students and staff to pre-screen themselves at home. Read more…

Other excellent screening options available:

Student Health Pass – allows schools to maintain a safer environment. This app allows students/staff to do their screening at home and submit their information verifying that they have clearance to enter the school for the day. Read more…

SymptomSense™ Gateway and Kiosk check for body temperature, oxygen level, respiratory (Gateway only), and heart rates – at hospital-grade accuracy.

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