Pandemic Solutions LLC is proud to announce that it has renewed its Diamond Sponsorship support of the NSPMA. We believe that having stronger facility managers means a better atmosphere for all of our students.

The NSPMA’s pursuit of national certifications and training can only mean good things for our schools – and that is something we support.

After HVAC air handling upgrades, maintenance and increased ventilation along with upgraded Merv13, there is no better IAQ technology that you could install into your schools HVAC system than AtmosAir. Not only are we confident that AtmosAir’s patented dielectric barrier discharge bi-polar ionization technology (very different from needlepoint) performs better and is more cost-effective than any other added technology, but we actually promote bringing in a 3rd party engineer to validate its performance onsite. It’s the kind of transparency few if any other IAQ suppliers would offer. Lastly, our IAQ sensors help monitor your schools IAQ 24/7.

If your school still doesn’t have AtmosAir – please let us know and we can schedule an initial consultation.