To all School Administrators, Facility Directors and Operation Directors,

If it’s not already clear, the greatest challenges schools have is a lack of transparency when it comes to IAQ and proper screening of people entering the school building.

Let’s focus on transparency on this post (my next one will focus on screening.)

Lack of Transparency Regarding Schools and IAQIf schools could capture real data on what their indoor air looked like, everyone would feel safer – provided of course the indoor air quality strategy you have chosen is working.

This leads to another question: If you put measures in place, how did you make sure an improvement was made. How was that upgrade measured? And how do you continue to measure it?

Please set your pride aside. Many of you made decisions that we all know were in the best interest of your schools, but it doesn’t mean you made the best decision or may be it was a great first step.

No one wants to see teachers refusing to come to their schools -but if you can’t prove that your upgrades are working – how do they know if it’s working? How do parents know if it’s working? Lack of transparency – especially when it comes to indoor air quality and the current ongoing pandemic – is not acceptable.

You want to see what transparency looks like? Take a look and then ask yourself one question- Have you seriously done your best? :

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