Do we ever want to experience another global shutdown or lockdown?

Covid LockdownFrom restaurants to sports arenas, we need to get better at what we are doing to reduce the risk of NOT JUST this global pandemic, but any future pandemic(s).

Do you seriously think waiting and waiting for a vaccine is the best way to move forward? That would be the equivalent of planning to take a future reactive approach and inviting a repeat of the catastrophic circumstances we are all going through. Right… Let’s wait until another virus hits us and have the government once again shut our crippled economy down.

No! The BEST way to move forward is to take a cost effective approach that has the highest efficacy that will reduce the transmission of this pandemic and any future pandemic. Invest in a system whereby facilities of all sizes are prepared to win the battle against viruses and infectious diseases.

Pandemic Solutions uses best in class technology from surface disinfection and protection to advanced active air purifying technology to patented people screening to prevent potentially infected people from entering a facility. We call it the Safety Triad – a multi-layered approach that addresses all the mechanisms that scientist believe these diseases can spread. It’s efficient, it’s cost-effective and it works. It can be scaled for small offices and retail space to large arenas and stadiums.