How to participate in the City School District of New Rochelle’s Bid

How to participate in the City School District of New Rochelle’s Bid


  • Email Meilisa Arlt, CC:
  • In your email, simply Let Meilisa know you would like to participate in the following bid:
    • Bid # 4514-20
    • For: Bipolar Ionization Air Treatment
  • She will email you a one-page form to complete. You will email it back to her and she will approve it.


  • Winner of the bid: Clean Air Group LLC dba AtmosAir. Yes – The manufacturer’s name is on the bid with Pandemic Solutions working closely to roll this out to all schools nationally.
  • Pandemic Solutions LLC will then reach out to you to begin the process of creating a proposal
    • We will send one of our HVAC techs or engineers to your school district to gather information necessary to put a proposal together
      • Mechanical Schedules would be very helpful. If you can’t find them, we will need to walk the school district to locate each of the air handling units*
      • We need to know how many classrooms have unit ventilators and how many classrooms don’t have any supplied air (a window unit or ductless system does not constitute as supplied air)
    • Pandemic Solutions will work with AtmosAir to create a proposal using the exact product price schedule that was submitted for BID 4514-20
    • ALL our projects are ESSER FUNDS ELLIGIBLE!

If you are an NSPMA member or a member of NYSSFA, Pandemic Solutions will include updated mechanical schedules for your school district (even if we need to have our engineers create them) which would include where each of the AtmosAir units are being installed.