Disinfect BuildingThe COVID-19 Pandemic has businesses and organizations seeking commercial disinfection services more than ever.  And with that, we have had the same questions asked over and over.  What does disinfection services cost?

As with many services – it really depends on several factors. In addition to the square footage of the space to be sanitized, it matters if it’s on the first floor or 50th floor of a high rise. Is it the entire building or an office space within the building? Most disinfectant businesses will estimate jobs by the square foot, amount of disinfectant materials needed and man hours required to complete the job.

Reliable disinfectant companies are likely to have more powerful commercial spray equipment which will complete the job in much less time. There are industrial or high volume spray machines that are designed to disinfect large areas in a short amount of time. Imagine disinfecting 10,000 sq. ft. per minute?

While there’s no basic answer to how much it costs for disinfectant services, with a little research – customers can be prepared to ask important questions to ensure they are getting the right solution for their needs.

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