Artificial intelligence technology One of the greatest challenges we have is screening for COVID19.

In 2020, the National Science Foundation funded a project that was using artificial intelligence to detect whether a person has COVID19 using the sound of their cough. Since COVID19 attacks the respiratory system, they felt it could be a much faster way of detecting whether someone was infected or not. The screening challenge became very clear when Omicron hit us. Although vaccines remain important, the vaccinated and unvaccinated were getting infected, and the question became: How to screen students and staff better?

Rapid tests offer a possible solution, but they have a 72% accuracy if a person is symptomatic and a 58% accuracy if a person is asymptomatic. It is also invasive and, if someone is DIY, it is tricky enough to leave more room for error.

Artificial intelligence companies have been creating technologies using sound for over a decade, but the pandemic brought the importance of analyzing a person’s cough to a much higher level. By early 2021, both MIT and the University of Cambridge confirmed, using over 5,000 participants, that the technology works using a mobile app with 94% accuracy if symptomatic and 83% accuracy if asymptomatic!

This mobile app is very close to getting FDA approval and you will definitely want to be on this webinar.

WHEN: March 2nd 11am – 12 noon EST, Pandemic Solutions will be hosting a webinar that will feature the Founder/CEO of Soter Technologies (see bios below). Click here to Register for the event:

Meet our Presenters for March 2nd:

Derek Peterson, Founder and CEO of Soter Technologies

Derek is an experienced entrepreneur and veteran technology executive that has served in leadership positions at Intelligent Product Solutions (IPS) and Symbol Technologies. During his career, he has founded two successful companies and created software products that are deployed on millions of devices worldwide.

Previous to Soter Technologies Derek served as Vice President at IPS, a leading software and hardware product development company, while simultaneously founding Digital Fly, now Soter Technologies.

Prior to that, Derek was Senior Director of Engineering at Symbol Technologies, where he created and implemented the Symbol (Motorola) Software Test & Validation department and procedures. He also served as Director of Research and Development for Neohapsis.

An accomplished triathlete (Ironman finisher), Derek holds a Bachelor of Science degrees in both Computer Science and Applied Math from Stony Brook University in New York.

Dennis Berberich, Partner and EVP of Pandemic Solutions

Dennis was named a partner and EVP at the company’s inception. He brings more than 30 years of experience in the Consumer Packaged Goods (CPG) sector, the last 15 at the executive level, as a supplier and distributor, having worked for multinational corporations, Fortune 500 companies and family owned businesses in the US.

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