The new issue of Westchester Magazine spotlights Pandemic Solutions: 3 Westchester Entrepreneurs Launch Businesses Amid the Pandemic

New Rochelle’s Peter Cantone, founder and CEO of Pandemic Solutions ( ), likewise sees a “huge market” for his company, which consults on and distributes products in a “comprehensive approach” to pandemic safety. The company sells and trains clients in using such pandemic technologies as large-area disinfectant sprayers, air purifiers, and health screeners.

With a background in business and sales in industries ranging from truck accessories to spray-foam insulation, Cantone’s spent his career being ahead of trends like energy conservation. And last spring, when the pandemic hit, he saw a new need emerge. “Whenever there’s a crisis, there’s an opportunity,” he says.

His endeavor launched in May, when he teamed with a manufacturer of special-effects equipment for Disney and Broadway who was converting some of their spray equipment that is normally designed to make fogs, clouds, and snow into sprayers that dispense EPA-registered disenfectant. With funding from a relative (who maintains 25% ownership in the company), Cantone continued to invest in high-tech, effective, eco-friendly pandemic solutions. These include thyme-oil-based botanical disinfectant spray and advanced purifying technology that produces healthy ions indoors that inactivate bacteria and viruses such as the coronavirus.

“The focus was always ‘Let’s figure out what the best solutions are,’ because that’s where you build the most value,” Cantone says. The company assembled an advisory board of experts from fields such as healthcare, facilities management, and entertainment. With a small office in downtown New Rochelle and three full-time employees, Cantone plans to grow his company. By adding staff and acquiring office space in Midtown Manhattan, ideally, his company can expand into new markets, including P-12 schools and colleges, as well as the hard-hit industries of commercial real estate and performing arts.

Pandemic Solutions in Westchester Magazine